Neuro: The New Brain Sciences and the Management of the Mind

Book cover of Neuro: The New Brain Sciences and the Management of the Mind by Nikolas Rose
With J.M. Abi-Rached. 352pp. Princeton University Press (2013).
Pb ISBN: 9780691149615 Hb ISBN: 9780691149608 E ISBN: 9781400846337
Rose and Abi-Rached express the hope with which most neuroscientists and social scientists can agree: that a greater engagement between the two may contribute to making neuroscience a truly human science. This book makes a valuable contribution to this process.
What we have lacked until now is a critical but open-minded look at ‘neuro’. This is what Rose and Abi-Rached have given us. A fascinating and important book.
A significant and original contribution to our understanding of the impact of the brain sciences on social and?cultural processes. The scholarship throughout is brilliant. It will attract a great deal of interest and controversy.
In a field of study where the newest reference often renders older sources obsolete, Rose and Abi-Rached connect the most recent advances in the social studies of science to their epistemological base.
What strikes one when reading Neuro is how well the authors know what they are writing about. Their strategy is one of informed, balanced assessment, carefully weighing promises against perils, methodological conundrums against technical breakthroughs, genuine insights against promissory overclaim all against a well-researched background of historical developments, institutional and personal entanglements, discursive surrounds, and political and institutional pressures.
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