The Urban Brain: Mental Health in the Vital City

Book cover of The Urban Brain by Nikolas Rose and Des Fitzgerald
With Des Fitzgerald. 280pp. Princeton University Press (2022).
Pb ISBN: 9780691178608

In The Urban Brain, Nikolas Rose and Des Fitzgerald seek to revive the collaboration between sociology and psychiatry about these critical questions. Reexamining the relationship between the city and the brain, Rose and Fitzgerald explore the ways cities shape the mental health and illness of those who inhabit them.

This is an important book for anyone interested in the entanglement of urban life and mental health. Rose and Fitzgerald make the compelling argument that many of the enduring questions of the social sciences can and should be revitalized through a critical and productive engagement with the biosciences. In The Urban Brain, they have done the essential work of mapping out a conceptual space for this encounter.
Persuasive, exciting, and potentially extremely influential, The Urban Brain achieves its purpose with startling effect. It is pathbreaking in the way it productively crosses boundaries and disciplines and argues for a new engagement between the social and life sciences.
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