Who do you think you are? Managing personhood in a neurobiological age

Neurosociety… What is it with the Brain These Days, ENSN and Institute for Science. Innovation and Society Conference, Oxford, December 2010.

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Personalized Medicine: Promises, Problems and Perils of a ‘new paradigm’ for health care

Beijing Forum, Peking University, November 2010.

Animal Models in Psychiatry, Würzburg Neuroschool on Behavioural Neuroscience

European Neuroscience and Society Network, October 2010.

Neuropsychiatry: Dilemmas for Global Mental Health

Global Mental Health conference, Belgrade, March 2010.

All in the brain?

International conference on ‘What is Mental Health’?, Trieste, January 2010.

What’s Wrong With Your Mice? Pitfalls and promises of modelling human behaviour in animals

EMBL Workshop on Translating Behaviour: Bridging Clinical and Animal Model Research, Heidelberg, November 2009.

Biopolitics in the Age of Biological Control

Dorothy Nelkin Memorial Lecture, New York University, New York, October 2009.

Engineering Selfhood

Invited opening keynote lecture in Series on Trust in the New Sciences: Remaking the Human, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs, Halifax, Canada, October 2009.

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To define true madness – neuropsychiatry and society today

Finnish Research Programme on Neuroscience, Helsinki, August 2009.

Governing Biobanks

4th BIONET Workshop, Shenzhen, PRC, April 2009.