Governing insecurity

International Workshop on Security and Insecurity, Science Po, Paris, April 2009.

The visible invisible: imaging the mind

Second ENSN Neuroschool, Vienna, April 2009.

Neuropolitics in the 21st Century

Bochner Lecture, Scientia Institute, Rice University, Houston, Texas, March 2009.

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Rhetorics of Personhood in a neurobiological age

International Symposium on Rhetorics of Personhood, Durham University, March 2009.

Screen and intervene: governing risk brains

Neurocultures, Max Planck Institute, Berlin, Germany, December 2008.

The politics of health in the 21st century?

Nordic Conference on Knowledge, Politics and Health, Aarhus, December 2008.

The ‘social brain’?

Global Minds Conference, University of Aarhus, November 2008.

Being human today and tomorrow – what news from genomics and neuroscience?

Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Durham, October 2008.

Technology assessment – for the people?

European Parliamentary technology Assessment Conference, The Hague, October 2008.

The Politics of Life Itself – in Contemporary China

Biopolitics in Asia, Vienna, October 2008.