Social implications of new biological models of mental disorder

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Neuropolitics: brain, self and society in the 21st century

Sociology, University of Bristol, November 2007.

Biological Psychiatry as a Style of Thought

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Governing Insecurity

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Narratives of the Self in a Neurobiological Age

First Annual Public Lecture of Centre for Research on Socio-economic and Cultural Change, Manchester, October 2007.

What is life – revitalised

Paganini Closing Conference, Vienna, June 2007.

Citizenship and Biopolitics: becoming biological citizens in the twenty first century

T. H. Marshal Lecture, Southampton University, May 2007.

Neuropolitics, Part 4: Personhood in a neurochemical age

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Neuropolitics, Part 3: The politics of susceptibility

University of California, Santa Cruz, March 2007.

Neuropolitics, Part 2: To define true madness

University of California, Berkeley, February 2007.