Power and psychological technique

Invited keynote address to Power and Influence in Psychotherapy, Annual Conference of Universities Psychotherapy Association, London, November 1997.

Between authority and liberty: governing virtue in a free society

Invited keynote address to conference on ‘Civil Society, Communitarianism, Third Sector’, Helsinki, October 1997.

Governing liberty

Invited public lecture in special lecture series on ‘Governing Modern Societies’ Green College, University of British Columbia, September 1997.

Professionals of risk

Invited keynote address to Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health Summer School, Oxford University, July 1997.

In the name of society, or three theses on the history of social thought (with Dr. T. Osborne)

Who Speaks: The Voice in the Human Sciences, Conference to mark ten years of History of the Human Sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol, March 1997.

At risk of madness: law, politics and forensic psychiatry

The Future of Forensic Psychiatry, 23rd Cropwood Round Table Conference, University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology, March 1997.

The anti-social politics of welfare

International Symposium on The Displacement of Social Policies, Jyväskylä, Finland, January 1997.

Re-configuring the social question

Workshop on Genealogies of Government, University of Salzburg, December 1996.

Ethics, freedom and the human sciences

Science Studies and the Societal Role of the Human Sciences, Symposium at Groningen University, Netherlands under the auspices of the Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture, Section IV: Scientific knowledge and professional practices in the welfare state, November 1996.

Legal regulation and professional expertise: the problematics of risk

International Workshop on New Forms of Governance, University of Toronto, October 1996.