Neurotechnologies of justice

Invited lecture at Macquarie University, Sydney, March 7 2017.

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The Urban Brain: Living in the Neurosocial City

Public lecture at University of New South Wales, Sydney, March 3 2017.

Masterclass on biopsychiatry and resilience

University of New South Wales, Sydney, March 2 2017.

From Social Studies of Medicine to Social Science in Medicine? Researching the neurosocial city

50th Anniversary of Social Studies of Medicine, University of McGill, Montreal, October 28 2016.

Brain, Self and Society in the Twenty First Century

Holmes Lecture, University of McGill, Montreal, October 27 2016.

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Mental life in the metropolis – sociology, vitalism and the urban brain

Aarhus University, Denmark, September 8 2016.

If we can ‘read’ the mind in the brain itself, what then?

Human Mind Project, School of Advanced Study, London, June 6, 2016.

Governing the future

#DASTS16 Interpellating Future(s), the biannual Danish conference on STS, Aarhus University, June 2-3 2016.

Reflecting on Foucault and the Humanities

The Order of Things at 50, King’s College London, May 10 2016.

Beyond the ‘Mind-Brain’ Problem

Ralph Cohen Centre for Technological Humanism, James Madison University, Virginia, April 1 2016.