Making us resilient: responsible citizens for uncertain times

Nikolas Rose delivered the keynote talk at Competing Responsibilities: The Politics and Ethics of Responsibility in Contemporary Life Conference, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, August 15-17 2014.

Genetic biomarkers in psychiatry

Visiting Beijing Genomics Institute in Shenzhen, Professor Rose presented a talk on Genetic biomarkers in psychiatry and social/ethical issues in neuroscience. On July 2nd, he presented the paper Users in Psychiatry – beyond the monologue at the International Centre for Mental Health in Shanghai, July 2014.

Euroscience Open Forum

Panel debates on the EU Human Brain Project/US Brain Initiative and Minding Humans at ESOF 2014 Copenhagen, the platform for debating science and global research, June 2014.

Does psychopharmacology have a future?

A talk at Infelici e tristi, o malati di depressione?, University of Trieste, asking Does psychopharmacology have a future? June 2014.

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The View from Sociology

Presentation at Beyond Nature versus Nurture, a sell-out public event debating the moral, ethical and social consequences of the growing understanding of how nurture affects nature. Part of the ‘Beautiful Science’ season at the British Library. London, March 2014.

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Governing Anti-Social Brains: Notes on Neurocriminology

Opening keynote lecture at ‘Can we talk about biosocial criminology’?, a day-long masterclass by Nikolas Rose also involving discussion with international researchers in criminology, biology, genetics and neuroscience. Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, February 2014.

Governing through the brain: neuropolitics, neuroscience and subjectivity

Universidad de Valle, Cali, Colombia, September 2013.

Our brains, our selves?

Public lecture, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia, September 2013.

Biopolitics tomorrow: security, futurity, resilience

Opening keynote lecture, 4th Latin American Conference on Biopolitics, Bogot?, Colombia, August 2013.

Encounters between sociology and the life sciences

Keynote lecture, Encounters Conference, University of Manchester, July 2013.