Recent News

  • Professor Nikolas Rose is now the Co-director of the Centre for Society and Mental Health at King’s College London. The centre looks at the changing world, considering the social factors that influence mental health. Experts across multiple disciplines work together to analyse the key social, economic and cultural transformations affecting our mental health.

  • Nikolas Rose and colleagues are undertaking a major programme of research on Mental Health, Migration and Megacities, initially in Shanghai and Sao Paulo. This project is part of a programme of work initiated by Professor Nik Rose, with a development grant from the ESRC, 2013-15, to examine the relationship between urban living and mental health.

  • Research shows that there are higher rates of mental ill health among those who live in cities. Professor Nikolas Rose talked to CBC/Radio-Canada’s Metro Morning show about the stress of living in a big city. To listen to the full interview click on this link

  • Professor Rose appeared on the Policy Forum Pod (March 16, 2017) of the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society to discuss how urbanisation is affecting our mental health, and what policymakers can do to take the stress out of city living

  • Professor Nikolas Rose has been awarded an honorary doctorate at Aarhus University as part of the institution’s 2016 Annual Celebration on September 9th. Nik received the honour on the basis of his interdisciplinary research, which connects the humanities with the natural and social sciences.

  • Professor Nikolas Rose delivered the keynote lecture Governing the Future at #DASTS16 Interpellating Future(s), the biannual Danish conference on STS, which was held at Aarhus University, June 2-3, 2016

  • Nik presented at The Order of Things at 50: Reflecting on Foucault and the Humanities event, King?s College London, on May 10, discussing Life and the Human alongside James Morland

  • Professor Rose’s paper Living well in the Neuropolis, authored with Des Fitzgerald and Ilina Singh, was published in The Sociological Review Monographs in March 2016. An online version of the paper is available here

  • The paper Revitalizing sociology: urban life and mental illness between history and the present, which Nik wrote with Dr Des Fitzgerald and Professor Ilina Singh, has been published in the March 2016 issue of
    British Journal of Sociology. The link points to the online version of the article.

  • Nikolas presented Biopolitics in the Twenty First Century at the Coloquio Internacional Biopolitica, Biociencia y Gubernamentalidad, Universidad de Talca, Santiago (November 19, 2015). Click the link to watch on YouTube